Friday, 6 March 2015

100th post

My long suffering BV'S who love me no matter what.
Abi I dey tell lie?
No abi!
Oya come and collect hugs and kisses.
Muah! Muah! Muah!
Love you guys a lot.
P.S! Those kisses were for una cheeks oh.
Anyone who raised his/her lips is on his/her own. Lol.

 Ehn/ehn! Before we get to the business of the day, how did you spend Valentines day?And where are my presents? I thought you guys liked me ehnn?
That Saturday,I went down my street oh and out of laziness i decided to take a cab home even though i could have just strolled down. Just N20 cab for you to know how short the distance was. That was how i entered one 419 cab oh or should i say cab with 419 guys inside.
You know those cabs where everyone inside is in on the scam?
Barely had i entered that the driver and a passenger started talking about lots of money in the booth of the car and how they needed to verify it.

I didnt wait to hear more lest they kuku decide to kidnap me.
God Forbid! Kia!kia! i got down oh and raced to my house.
In short that was how i spent my Valentines day at home.
I wasn't even interested in leaving the house again. Biko!i still dey too young.
But i know you guys had more fun than me sha!

Soooooooooooooooo! Today is blogger and BV Esther's Birthday. She said she is 456 years old but she looks 18 to me.
So guys let's wish her a happy birthday.
Happy Birthday sweetheart!

My wish for you is that all your dreams (especially those big big ones that you can't even say out loud) come true.
Love you and thanks for all your support.

(If she hadn't been so impatient to come and see this world and drink free breast milk we could have been birthday mates) .lol.
Ok! I am exaggerating. More than a week separates us.
Nevertheless we March babies rock. 15th March loading..

I am so excited.
This is the 100th post for this blog.
Yay! I am officially a blogger now.
 And I am glad I didn't rush into arriving at this 100th post threshold. It sort of has more meaning for me sha.
And its all thanks to you! Yes you! Why are you looking back nah?
Its you now! No one but you. My loyal BVs who are the real MVP'S.
This blog has come such a long way from the 4 pageviews and one comment( almost always Harper) days. The day i mentioned it to  Vira she laughed and laughed.
But seriously!i have never been a page view freak. So far someone is turning up,i am good.

So lets have a little Blog report( i feel like a M.D giving annual report to the shareholders).
This blog's most viewed posts are ;



One odd thing that i have noticed since starting this blog is that the posts with the most comments/views aren't necessarily the ones you work on the most.
It's just something i have noticed.
Sometimes, some posts just strike a chord for some reason.
We have had the most page views from people in;
United States.
Canada and

You can read my very first post here.

Anyway this won't be a long post ( If you say its too late na you sabi ) cos we are going back memory lane.
Let's talk about your favorite post(s) or comments so far on this blog.
What post is so memorable that it immediately comes to mind as you read this and why?
Lets gist.


  1. congrats girl on your 100th post, huge step in the rite direction.i wish u blog often. there are times i visit your blog and i see
    the last time u updated was eons ago and i'm like aaaarrrrrgghhhh... this funmi self!!! what's her problem? hbd in advance and my popular post? #pensive# NAME SOMEFIN. i still laugh so hard whenever i remember comments from that post. kisses for your cheeks too.

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    1. Babe!its due mostly to lack of time.
      Not time to write but time to be in the zone and write properly. I don't like writing rushed/forced posts or posts that don't sound like me.

      Hmm! V got to read that chocolate post.

  2. Congrats on your 100th post darling- can I say that I'm a massive fan?

    Happy birthday Esther x

  3. Awww. Me I am a more massive fan jare. Not just of your blog but of you as a level headed,straight talking,no bullshit, pretence hating someborry.
    Thanks dearie. Hugs.

  4. Blogger swallowed my comment *wails* happy 100th baby girl *hugs*

    1. We need to confront this blogger
      Its like it's on a swallowing roll.
      Pele. Stop wailing ehn! I will buy u chin chin.

  5. Turn up Turn up Ladies and gentlemen, The Funmi Reese Blog is a 100 post old.. and the crowd goes... Ooosssshhhheeey! Fileh a Dont touch it.. i have to say Bubba, that I am proud of you.. I mean if i havent known you long enough yeah, I can boldly say i knew what i stupidly put you through at one time here on Blogsville and my am I glad that you didnt back down yeah, but had he humility to even forgive.. talk about a priceless heart.. I like that you stood your ground all the way... Thank GOD for your why that kept you on here.. Did you hear i went through the exact same thing you did but in a different context.. oh well, karma is a bitch aint it?! We learn every day dont we?!

    Sooo my best post ba?! It has to be the one that had to do with the Slap... I mean that one about Woman battering.. that was my first read here, and i am glad to inform you that the same ghen ghen endearing warmness that made me interested in reading you has not dropped a bit. Well done Funmi... Well done.. **Scratches head.. Ehen!! What about Oga Abuja nah?! We diodnt hear the ending gist oh... **Winks.. My prayer for the online you as you strike 100 is similar to your prayer for Esther koko.. i hope that the WHY that brought you to blogsville be achieved before you drop the digital pen.. Turn down for what mbok?! With Funmi yeah, we only turn up in style.. and the crowd goess... Yyyeeeaaahh mehn! xx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Duuuuuuuru and long comment.
      I will soon start making your comments into posts. Ok I am kidding.
      Ehn ehn!Let me not lie,i didn't hear anything. I did notice from your blog that something was wrong sha. I guess I just thot you two will sort it out.
      Yeah! That post! For obvious reasons it isn't my best,but it was cathartic for me.
      It helped me move on and all the feelings it evoked are almost over.
      Thanks Duru. I am proud of you too.
      For your lack of pride,and just for being you.
      For all the washing. Thanks.
      Knowing you as a BV was great but connecting with you as a person was one of the high points of 2014. Sometimes I think it was divinely orchestrated for stuff like that to bring us close.
      And Amen.

    3. Bia! (with all due respect) Woman! 6th March - 27 March = -21 days... - 21 days = - 3 weeks.... -3 weeks= 21 daysX 24 hours= 504 hours.. Chisossss!!!! Funmi!!! how can you do that to us?! How can you leave us alone in the cold for that Long?! Nawa oh! Diarisgodoooo!! infact **in my 7 year old voice.. I SHANT play with thee again! haba! i Knat BeliFit... inshort a NeFer hexsperred it! I am in shock like transformer shocked me.. **crying in British English... :(

    4. Bia Duru!
      When did you turn mathematician?
      I for don recommend you to help Inec collate votes
      Transformer ko,transformer ni.
      You fit stand boiling ring shock,not to talk of transformer.

    5. Ehen!!! Funmi Resse is playing with me shaa.. I have kidnapping ability oh!! If you dont come back before the count of 3 ehn Bubba.. I will kidnap you.. Inshort lemme start counting for you.. 1, 1 and half.. 1 and half and quarter....

    6. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuru!
      Kidnap me if you can.
      I got disappearing skills. Hehe.

    7. Dear Funmi, You do know that this is not the right way to break up with me ba? I mean if you dont want me and you to be doing lof Nwantitin lori real life up and down no more, just tell me.. Rather than noty updating ya Blog.. heheh **Wears Straight face.,. Oya Brace Yaself.. I am trying to Threaten you... :) If you dont Update by Next Moday ehn,... I will Swim from Lagos to Abuja **Winks (Bicycle, Trekking and cars have already been done.. Need to raise the Abuja Jonezing bar a bit) **Winks. Where are you Jo?!

  6. Happy 100th hunnay... you know everything you write is my favourite so we're moving on
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, I love you too

    1. Awww!
      You are welcome!
      Even if I no chop out of that cake I saw. It is well.

  7. hey!!!! How did i miss this and even the birthday?!
    I am sorry oh ore mi, eh forgive me oh omoh dada...
    Babe, you know I have mahd love for you yeah?
    See, if you had agreed for Mr. Abj shei you would have been here to celebrate the vals ehn and i would have stolen you from him to spend the day with.
    wait....Duru.....i think i have some investigation to do. I'll BRB!

    1. Lol
      All this your yoruba speaking ehn just to scope me into forgiving you.
      It worked small sha.
      See as you don manage to rope yourself into mr Abuja's fictional valentine plans.hehehe.
      Don't worry! Anytime I come into town,hopefully there's one exam or training soon,will give you a shout out.
      Of cos we r gonna see. You know nah!

  8. Ms. Reese! A happy belated birthday to u! Can't believe I missed that. And Congrats on this milestone post too! Na only u just dey celebrate up and down. Thank God.

    Ur writing style is why I first started to read u. It always feels like chatting with a good friend. Amazing that we've never met. I don't even know what u look like sef (what happened to that picture u were gonna post?)

    U spent Valentine's Day alone? Even almost kidnapped? Ki lo ma n se awan bobo Ibadan yi gaan? (Translation: What is wrong with all these Ibadan boys sef?) I may have to raid Ibadan one of these days and steal yet another of their prized products....hehehe....

    Keep doing u, babe.


    1. Thanks Mr Harper.
      Abi! Celebration no go dey too much nah.
      Aww! Thanks.dont make my head swell too much oh.
      Picshur ke!when did I say that.
      Anyway send me a mail.
      My dear! E better make I stay my house jare. Lol!Leave my Ibadan peeps alone oh.
      Thank you Harper!
      My padi

  9. Happy Birthday in arrears Funmi. God bless you real big and congrats on your 100th post.

    1. Eni-olowo fun ara re.
      Thanks love.
      I really appreciate.

  10. Replies
    1. Thank you learned colleague.
      Hope you are good.

  11. Congratulations girl!!!!!!!!!! You have hit a milestone and will conquer more. Its beautiful that there are voices that strive to heal nations in the simplest ways that matter. You are a part of something bigger than you imagine. Let's keep keeping it real.. In Duru's voice, "Osheeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Turn UPPPPP!"

    1. Cookie Lyon herself in the house! Hehe.
      Thanks for coming by Dearie.
      My head is swelling oh.

  12. **waves** Hiya mami...Sooooo you are wayyyyyy overdue for a new post! congrats on your 100th post....I am really happy for you mami...

    1. funmi has time to reply comment buh will not post anyfin...we da wait..change is here

    2. Looooool.
      I know right. Soon. Watch this space.
      Make I no reply again abi?
      All ye changees.
      The Change reach blogsville again?
      Tis ok.
      We are watching all of una.

    3. the change is meant to afect everywhere ooo... even our call credit and dstv charges

    4. hehehehehehehehe @ Change is here... Now that was Epic Favor.. lmao.. Dont mind Funmi oh!! god and angel Gabriel are watching her on Skype.. **In 's voice.. KontinHu.. 100th post lati aro kutu kutu.. KontinHu...

  13. Congratulations on your 100th post and happy belated birthday to Esther!

    1. Thank you so much. Welcome dear.

  14. Congratulations on reaching your 100th post..... Fingers crossed, we'll all be here for the 1000th post. No pressure... LOL!!

    Support Saving Father...

    1. Hmmm! 1000 posts. Major PRESSURE. Lol. That seems so far off.
      Thanks for coming by dear.i appreciate the sentiment.

  15. Same thing happened to me in my 2nd year. The woman came up a story about millions of naira she stole from her abusive husband...driver decides to save her only if she agrees to share the money with him... driver asks the three passengers at the back (including me) who wants part of the share...Moby ran out of the cab and even asks for a refund of her fare...i cant come and die in Lagos na...hahaha... Congratulations huni....

    1. My dear! Na to run oh cos na God dey serve person.
      I got home and was like I should have even talked and pointed out how daft the story was.
      My mum was like that would have been worse because once you talk you get hypnotized.

  16. Replies
    1. My swerrie pie. Long time indeed. Heading your way soon.

    2. My swerrie pie. Long time indeed. Heading your way soon.

  17. funmi come and update ur blog oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    1. Loooooooooooooool.
      Favour I don update am ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
      Thanks dear.