Thursday, 9 October 2014



Don't wanna be a playa no more,
I think I found some one I can live my life for,
This girl. I'm yours, your mine for sure.
I've had enough of running wild.
I'm switchin up my whole life style.
I don't wanna live the way I used to.
I'm givin up the booty calls,
spendin C's at the Tata files.
No leavin with two or three girls to get me off.
All I need is one who's really down.
Someone to turn this playa's life around.
Girl,I feel like you could be the one,to make a difference in my life.
Cause I'm tired of livin tryed.
I don't wanna be a playa no more.
I think I found someone I can live my life for.
Don't wanna be a playa no more.
I think I found someone I can live my life for.

 This song by Joe. That's what today's post is all about.Hehehe.What did you think when you saw the song?
So I think most women have met a player or two in their life time.

That is men who play women like sport. And they are good at their game. Very good. They  go through lots of women and yet can't seem to commit to anyone.
They are usually very good at their game,confident,charming and very skillful at dribbling women.
Any woman who falls in love with a player when he is still in the playing mood is on her own cos whether you love him or not doesn't count. He's just intent on his game.

I used to have some "player friends"and I always used to think that once a player always a player but I dunno. I have watched them fall in love with one woman and get married to her after years of playing the field and my theory received a few knocks.

I looked at my dp some days ago and I saw the pic a good friend of mine, Femi took with his wife.
He was smiling so sheepishly that I had to smile at how far he had come.
I remembered our Uni days and it was hard to believe that he could be so in love with any woman.

Femi was an unashamed player with the good looks to go with it.
That guy was fine. As in Fiiiiiiiiine.Tall, dark, handsome, intelligent and charming as well.
Its impossible for him to pass by and you won't give him a second glance.
To make matters worse he knew it too. And who could blame him, women threw themselves at him all the time and I always wondered if and when he would get struck by cupid.
I didn't date him cos we sort of friend zoned ourselves and we became so close that it was more fun to hear about his escapades than to partake in them.

Then one day,years after law school he told me he met a lady,also a lawyer through some of her friends.
And from the way he described her beauty and gushed about how they got along,how she shared his love of race cars,how she wasn't the jealous type bla bla bla.
I knew he was a goner. Seriously I knew that he had fallen head first into love.
When I eventually met the girl, She is stunning mehn! And so attractive. I could see why he was so gaga about her.

I called my friends and gisted them "Femi has fallen in love oh. And he is going to marry her".
He hadn't mentioned marriage yet but I knew that he had met his "the one" and that he was going to marry her..
They didn't believe me at all. Seriously, if you were the one you wouldn't believe either.
That guy played the field ehn! In our Uni days,law school and Nysc.
Tall, short,slender,Orobo, lepa,dark,choclolatey, fair. Just name it. He was into all shades and sizes.
No discrimination.
But I was right sha cos they got married about a year later.

However do players ever change their spots? In my friend's case can we actually say the woman changed him?
Is it possible for one woman to actually change a mans philandering ways. And if not change,at least reduce?
I mean! I know he loves her and all. But when a guy is so fine that women are the ones chasing him,isn't that recipe for wahala?
I remember him complaining shortly before their engagement about one lady who was in love with him and offering sex.
Can we attribute a player changing his ways more to a general change in direction,finding God,getting older,getting more focused about life or pressure to settle down than to a particular woman?

So let's talk. Do players ever change their ways?Have you had any encounter with or known any players?
Or are you a player? Cough Cough!
Can they change their ways?

P.S My internet is kinda acting up. I barely managed to connect and publish this post. The thing is just going up and down and coupled with my schedule this days, i just gave up on it. So make una no vex.
Blame the internet and me.
Missed you guys sha.


  1. Sometimes they change. Other times they don't. It all depends on how strongly d mumu button s pressed *lol*
    I was beginning to wonder if one of the people you prosecuted had kidnapped u o

    1. Lol @ mumu button. So the harder it is pressed the less likely it is that they revert back to their old ways.
      Nods head wisely.i don hear.
      Lol! Kidnap ke.Lailai.
      i just went MIA.i wan resemble you nah.

  2. I love this song!
    I believe it is generally a matter of choice. Some can be in love and still cheat. They say it doesn't mean they do not love their wives. Smh
    While some, na God dey touch them.
    If you choose a player, pray God touches him oh.

    1. I love it a lot also.
      Toh. That is a serious issue oh.
      Player = Prayer.
      So without prayer for God to touch him the woman is on her own.

  3. Funmiiiiiiiiii looooovvvvve. Yes, they all want to sow their wild oats...until the oats nearly

    1. Look who is here.My favorite bored housewife herself. Welcome and thanks for coming by.
      Lol.No mind them jare. They would have sowed the best of the oats oh,then when the oats wan finish they will quickly come and sow it with the final girl.

  4. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com10 October 2014 at 12:51

    I believe it takes self realization/ministration for a player to change. The fact that they find a girl and fall in love don't mean, their third leg has.

    1. Thats true oh. Love and the third leg aren't mutually exclusive but it should be jare.
      Self realization is a big part of it." E don do" should be something he and his third leg realise at the same time.

  5. Ms. Reese! Like Esther, I was also wondering why u had gone MIA.

    Back to the topic...only God can make a player retire. And the woman who is fortunate enough to be around when that happens gets the guy. There's no button anyone can press, I assure u. When it does happen though, the lucky babe begins to think she was the one who pressed the right buttons! Lol!

    Speaking as a retiree myself, u'll have to take my word for it...hehe


    1. Lol. We're you also wondering kidnap?
      So you are team God with Vira.
      So no mumu buttons for you then.
      Are you saying he can commit to a woman but only God can change him?
      Anyway I feel you but I won't take your word for it just yet. vex.

  6. Anybody wey kidnap u, na bad market be that o! Cos by the time u Lawyer up, they will probably abandon u in annoyance! :)

    A player can get married while still a player. She may even believe he has truly changed and that she "pushed the right buttons". In reality, he is still playing. It takes God to decide to retire from the game.

    I have friends who got married and people were like "Oh! That girl is really special. She changed him." Yeah right! Homie still collects the hot Latina waitress' number at his wedding reception!

    See what I mean? :))


    1. Lol @ bad market. Nobody should even kidnap me jare. Whether bad or good market.
      I see what you mean. You try.

  7. Okay......emmm..... players don't change they only take a break.....only God can change them....and that is if they allow him to change them.......

    Moment with Zoe

    1. True. If they allow God to change them. Some people are hardened players.

  8. I believe that some people change their ways especially when they realise the value of what they have. Only a fool would want to lose a precious jewel. Hello Funmi

  9. Hi swerrie.
    Thats the way I kinda feel the guy I talked about in the post felt. Like he had met the love of his life.
    However I do hope that such change is permanent. Y'know there's temporary change right.