Monday, 13 October 2014

Busy Monday

Hey guys! Another Monday don waka come oh.
Thank God it's almost over.
 Didn't i just love last week monday and tuesday as per public holiday tins? This Monday is so different from last week. So stressful and busy. And I have another busy day tomorrow.
Anyway let me shake off the moroseness.
How was your weekend and the previous sallah break for those of us in Naija.
I had mega fun ehn and ate so much meat. I don't think there was any part of the ram that I did not taste. I don't want to think about the calories.

 I got a surprise visit from Mr Abuja. Imagine!
I hadn't been picking his calls for a while cos I just needed space.
I was more pissed than happy to be surprised.
With my already overpacked weekend that I was still wondering how to handle somebody thought that it was a great idea to come surprise me.As in not tell me until he arrived my town and just called me and expected me to drop everything.

I guess he didn't get the memo that i didn't like surprise visits.
Tell me you are coming biko so i can plan my day.
I almost didn't see him out of annoyance and to teach him not to travel miles without checking with the person you are going to see. What if i had traveled or had my own parole sef?
But my sister aka defender of the Universe was all "How can someone come all that way and you won't see him,try and be nice".
So I tried to be nice. Lol. And he came bearing gifts anyway.
But seriously I haven't even said yes yet but he hasn't let that deter him.
Now he is all "talk to my mum" "I have given her your number".
Lol.I just tire.

Did anybody watch the Big Brother Africa opening show last Sunday? I watched oh and promptly lost interest .
I dunno whether its work or that weird talent contest they did. That was how somebody said she is not watching but that i should help her scope out the fine boys there. Some people like fine boys.I wont mention names sha. But they know themselves.
Someone on my BBM  made it mad fun sha with our BBA ping-galore. Some of those voices trying to sing were atrocious mehn and it was fun dissing them and talking about height things. *cough*.
I didn't watch yesterday's eviction show oh. Who went home biko?

Did anyone miss the lindaikeji drama last week? If you did you missed ehn.Nigerwife is of the opinion that Mr Ayedee is in love with Linda.She sees love in the air. Read her post here
What do you guys think?
I don't know if Linda can forgive him oh. She already said its an obsession.

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Waoh! Is it just 3 months? Seems like i have known y'all for ages.
And its all due to you guys, for your love,comments, page views and for just coming by.
For everyone who has ever visited this Blog for any reason whatsoever, and for you guys the constant ones, who keep refreshing even when i am MIA, who say your opinions on whatever i write about, You are the backbone of this blog and i have got to say thank you from the bottom of our heart and i love you guys a lot.



  1. Congrats and welcome to Blogger where everyone is family. Happy 3rd month anniversary

    1. Thanks Lola for your kind words. Thank you for coming by.

  2. This made me smile, "talk to my mum" "I have given her your number". Funmi, joor ba mummy soro. LOL. Good luck dear and happy blogeversary*
    Yesterday was huge, I almost slept in my work clothes. I hope today smiles. I'm not a fan of BBA. Stay happy dear.

    1. Lol! No mind the guy. Shebi as a guy it is a girl that has agreed that you will tell your mum about.I am just feeling pressured jare.
      No "ba mummy soro "for now jare.
      I hope today smiles too.
      Me I am a fan but no time.
      Thanks again.

  3. three months?! **open eyes** girl more muscle to you o......come to think of it........he has given mumsy your number that is to say **clear throat**........give him green light nah and lets know you are a nice girl *winks*

    Moment with Zoe

    1. Lol. Seems short to you but seems like it's been ages I started this blog.
      Afi more muscle naa. Thanks. I think that's what I need now sef.
      "That is to say.......... " he should have checked with me first jare.
      Lol @ nice girl. No be by green light you go know.
      Zoe! Check your email.

  4. wow.... I remember I first came across Funmi when I was on camp... the fact that I do not visit this blog due to situations beyond my control annoys me but any hoo, happy blogoversary... my one year blogoversary is on the 18th!!

    1. Its ok Amaka! I understand. Means a lot.
      Waoh! One year. Congrats in advance.

  5. Wow congrat girl.
    Amma new kid on the block. So tired n cold*e b lik i go sleep inside dis pullover* have fun n pls no dim d green lite, make am shine pass halogen bulb so dat futur go bright.

    1. Thanks. Welcome.
      I am not a fan of cold at all at all. So stay in that pullover as long as possible.
      Lol @ halogen bulb. That one too bright nah. Ki lo de?

  6. 3 months pere?! Feels like I've known u for ages! A reflection of how easy u r to relate with...most of the time :)

    So this ur Abuja guy gave his mother ur no.? WTF?! Why? I think I called this one correctly. The guy is a joker (sorry if I hurt ur feelings o!) hehe


    1. The only thing I saw in that your comment was "most of the time"
      Get ready to explain yaself oh. lol.
      Relax jo. You are feeling like a "caller" abi.
      Nope. My feelings aren't hurt. *tongue out*
      Lol @ 3 months pere. Seems like ages mehn! Its hard to believe I have only known you guys for just 3 months. Thanks for d backwarded compliment. lol. I no vex.

    2. Lol! Well, u know how u sometimes like e-wahala...hehe

      This ur guy sha. When person dey hide babes from Mumsie, lol


    3. Lol @ e-wahala.
      Not everyone resembles you na.

  7. Happy anniversary, love - May your inkwell never run dry, Amen

    1. Thank you Obi. I appreciate you a lot. Amen.

  8. Hey!!!! Mr. Abuja was around?! And I didn't know??!
    I had to pause reading to come ask. Now lemme go back to read the rest of the post. I will be back.

  9. *paused again *
    Hey! Hey! Hey!!!!
    I saw that!
    I shall be back.

  10. Ehen I am back. Happy blogversarry sisi mi!!!!
    Monday was crazy for me also! These your people no go kill person oh.

    1. Pele dear. He was around on a "surprise" mission.
      Lol. I meant for you to see it.
      Thank you dear. Lol. They cannot even kill you jare. They can only try but it ain't happening.
      Lai Lai.
      Thanks for your support. I appreciate you soooooooooo much.

  11. Happy blogversary Funmi...I love your blog

    1. Thank you soooooooo much Grace.
      God bless.

  12. *screams into megaphone* where is Funmi????????????????

  13. Your blog is only three months old? WoW. You've done big for yourself in a short space of three months. Go girl!

  14. Madam, u still dey dis side? :) - Harper

    1. Lol. I still dey. This one you are calling me madam,i must post tomorrow niyen. Hehe.
      How u dey?

    2. I dey kampe. I have visited this page like 100 times without any new post. Wondering if those kidnappers had more tolerance than I thought....:) - Harper

    3. Hahahaha.maybe they couldn't resist my charms and decided to keep me with them.
      I actually laughed out loud when I saw your comment.
      Dis one you are missing me dis weekend. Kilonsele? No party dis weekend ni?
      Anyway Pele. Tomorrow ehn.