Friday, 3 October 2014

Loooong Weekend

This Friday mehn!
In short this weekend ehn! E go shele. I have got parties on my mind oh.
I only hope I can leave that office before five cos the mad traffic that is going to happen today ehn! In fact from the sample I saw yesterday , today's own won't have part 2.

Pls who will help me beg Mtn to come and carry their ringtone oh.
To dash somebody credit they will not.
Imagine now giving me free caller tunes. Na by force? Did I tell them say I need caller tunes.
If it were better song now I won't mind.
Of all the songs in all the albums in this world ( who has watched cassablanca) guess what they dashed me?
777 is a number by Shina Peters.
Imagine oh. 777 ko 111 ni.

I called to complain they told me to cancel only for me to cancel and barely five minutes later I got a text that they have dashed me another one. I cancelled that one and same thing happened again.
I don tire. That is how they dashed a lot of people cos that was a lot of people's caller tunes.

Has anyone seen "Extant"?
The new Halle Berry tv show. That was how I went to a supermarket oh and one guy was like "can I see those dvds. I had like 3. And he said I should borrow him one.
Imagine. I sha gave him the "Extant" cos that "Ray Donovan"  wasn't going anywhere and he was like "So I need your contact to return it".
See scope oh. I was just like "Keep it". But the thing pain me sha. Now I have to get another one.

Speaking of TV shows, I am currently watching  "Hit the Floor". I was watching an episode on Sunday and I saw someone that looked like Omotola Jalade Ekeinde. I thought I was seeing double and had to back track before I remembered that I read somewhere that she had a cameo role with Akon.
She looked great and I felt happy.
Since I don dey watch all this TV series, na the first time I go see a Nollywood star be that oh.
Has anyone else seen that scene. Or am I watching too much tv?

Yay! Big Brother Africa is starting soon. I hope the people on my bbm love it sha cos I plan to do a lot of gbeborun and some" Did you see what she did" and " Did you hear that"?

So my cousin's wedding is fixed for November ending. That wedding was not gonna pass me by oh. I must go and do gbeborun and look at drama. But my colleague just picked a date for her wedding and it's the same date.
Now I am torn.
Drama vs Fun.
Family vs Friendship.
Like I said earlier, he (cousin)  is having a big wedding. But my colleague is having a small one.But it will be mad fun cos it would have been nice hanging out and traveling with my crew as in my padis in the office. Those guys can have fun ehn. It's always epic.
The good thing is that it's the same town. So maybe I can shuttle venues.

So tomorrow is a big day.
In short the weekend is a big one in my house. Lots of cooking. What with Sallah and all.
Also two awesome people I know, (in fact three if you count my boss) have their birthdays on the 4th of October. My brother and our one and only BV Harper.

So guys! What's your weekend going to be like?
Let's talk.


  1. Only you all thes plenty activities? Your weekend sounds like fun sha n I envy you... I'm pretty sure I'll be indoors all weekend, read a bit, write a bit, cook and sleep a lot

    1. Lol. I prefer quiet weekends actually. But this weekend can't be quiet even if I tried. Thank God there's holiday on monday and tuesday.

  2. Ms. Reese! I see u weren't around during Shinamania, which is why u find that song so irritating. :) I remember those days fondly but I'm not sure I'd want it as a caller tune either.

    Lol @ that guy and his lame moves. "I need ur contact to return it" Lol! That must be a line from a low budget movie.

    The first season of Extant ended here a few weeks ago. I was really into it at the beginning but it just seemed to drag after a while. Yet to watch GOT Season 4 o! Trying to save it and make it last as long as possible since there's no Season 5 yet.

    Birthday weekend it is! Partying starts on Friday!

    Thanks and enjoy ur weekend, all.


  3. Lol. I was around. I just dey vex ni oh.
    No mind the guy jare. In retrospect he probably doesn't even watch Tv shows.
    Better watch that GOT and lemme recommend something else for you.
    Omo olojo ibi.
    Happy Birthday in advance. E rora with the partying.

  4. Yay! I can comment! Miracles still happen.... The network in this town ehn? I can't wait to go back to my Abj.
    Ehen, this your weekend is loaded oh. Me, I will just sleep all thru biko. Nothing planned here.
    Have plenty fun oh.
    Why didn't you give the guy number na?

    1. My padi. That network wants to be investigated abi.hehe.
      You and that your town.
      No mind the loaded weekend jare.wish I could sleep too.
      Lol. It so wasn't gonna happen. Why bother.

  5. t.v shows?......nbanu..... not for me.....I can't remember the last time I sat to watch t.v....... my pc and phone is my weekend is gonna be boring......... can't wait for this my school to resume......... Am so bored......enjoy yourself.

    Moment with Zoe

    1. Lol @ nbanu.
      I watch tv a lot oh. Although I am always with my phone.
      Sorry about the boredom. If you watched tv now, you won't be bored. Ehen.
      Thanks.U too.

  6. Fumi are you muslim? and which casablanca are you talking about? is it the old hollywood casablanca movie?

    1. Nope! I no be muslim oh.
      Yep!The old Hollywood casablanca movie.Have you watched it?