Saturday, 4 October 2014

Permit me to Gush

I am sure by now you all know i can't keep things from you guys.
And that when i like somebody or something, then i am gonna go on and on about it till we all get tired of hearing it. hehe.

So permit me to gush today, cos somebody you are all familiar with, and somebody you don't know but i also talk about are both a year older today. My boss is also a year older today but lets stick to Harper and Ade, (Oga no vex oh) Our blog Visitor and my younger brother respectively.
I love celebrating birthdays not just cos of the party( in this case they aren't even in Nigeria) but because its a joyous occasion. Someone is a year older, and is alive to celebrate that day, and i am alive to also celebrate with them. So in short we are celebrating many things.hehe.

So who should i gush about first, hmmm.
My brother Ade. And that's just the first three letters of his name oh .If you like go and google Ade. lol.
I love my brother so much ehn! I don't joke with him oh.
I so much admire his drive,brilliance, determination and focus.
Me i can be very undecided but he knows what he wants to do and he just focuses on it.
It is fascinating to watch.

 Til date i haven't seen anyone who can save money like that guy. Like he will be the one to borrow you back the money you dashed him oh. Till date, I still don't know how he does it.
He started saving for his Masters from his year one so that nobody could influence him in anyway or try to convince him otherwise or say there was no money. When he decided to start his Phd immediately, nobody was surprised. Although my dad was like "ehn Gbese. who go pay?".
But i didn't mind oh. I told him to go ahead and that i had his back.
I am just happy that i get to love and support him anyway i can.
I haven't seen him in a while but i miss him everyday sha.

I remember how bereft i was when he had to leave the country.
We always fought cos of my bossiness but i was also his confidant.
Anything about anything, he always asked me my opinion or confided in me.
So lemme put this pic for a few hours.
 You cant see his face abi. Why you wan see him face sef? Tis only idea you need now.
My dp will have his pic don't
So here is to this amazing brother i have and love so much mehn.
Lemme go and call him sef.

To talk about Harper, (Sorry no picture oh cos me sef no know him face).
I will have to go down memory lane.
Almost three months ago, i was ill and at home, i couldn't go to work and i was bored.
And i decided to start that blog i had always wanted to start but never had the will power to do so.
So i wrote about five posts and waited breathlessly for a comment.
The first day went, no comment, i started to second guess myself.
'Abi, i wasn't interesting ni, or i didn't have what it took ni'?.
Suddenly, the next day,i saw a new comment on the fifth post, you can't possibly know how happy i was to see that comment. I think i danced sef. Finally. At least someone had sha commented.
Yep. munched from my phone.
Guess who this first commenter was? No need to guess abi?
Harper. Yep the one and only. And that first compliment warmed my heart.
I didn't even care if he was the only one that read my blog from then on. I didn't care about page stats or plenty views. i was sha happy. Somebody was sha reading.
We got to gist and know stuff about ourselves from then on.Through the comments oh. Whatever i know about him, it's from his comments. Lemme just slide that in.

Most of the posts i wrote, he was always there. He was like my sidekick. At one point one commenter was like 'you and this Harper sef! You two should hook up'.
Toh! I was  like see this alakoba. lol. Somebody cannot yab somebody again ni?

 That first month, we basically got to know each other very well. From his comments i got to know a lot about him. And we flowed, from the very start.He sounded like someone i could hang out with in real life and gist.He also sounded so similar to someone i knew that i could have sworn they were one and the same.But the Universities they went to didn't match.

So! here is to Harper. I really couldn't have wished for a better first person to comment. Seriously! You are awesome.

Did i gush?
No? hehe. Na una sabi.
Abeg join me to celebrate this guys. Pray with me that God will protect and guide them all the days of their lives in Jesus Name. Amen.


  1. Happy birthday to your brother and our anonymous Harper... many more years to them
    Yes you gushed plenty

    1. Thanks dear.
      Lol. I knew I was going to.

  2. Happy Birthday to them both. Wish you long life and prosperity.Amen

  3. Happy birthday to both of them. Cheers!!!

  4. Ms Reese! Amen! Thank u for the birthday wishes and for all ur kind words. This blog has quickly become a habit. One that I totally love. U really do sound like someone I would be friends with in real life. And wish ur brother a Happy Birthday too! He is clearly a great guy :) Thanks Esther. And Anon 12.10. Party continues...... - Harper

    1. Hehe! And guess who your celeb birthday mate is.
      Actor Christoph Waltz.
      Django Unchained, Inglorious Basterds.

  5. Happy birthday to them! Amaka

  6. Happy Birthday to ur bro n Harper!

    Small small, u are unveiling. Vry soon smbdy who knws smbdy dat knws smbdy will come and tell us who d sisters* of dat dude up there is. Ehnnnnnn, d one dat is a lawyer...#i'mout#

    1. Hehe. The person that knows that somebody who knows that person should not say anything oh.
      But seriously! V got no skeletons mehn. None at all.

  7. First time on ur blog n am already liking u frm ds very post. Only God knows what the other posts wit look like. U are good

    1. Awwww. Your comment makes me so glad. Welcome and thanks.

  8. Happy birthday Harper and Funmi's brother. God bless you both with long life and prosperity.

    1. Amen. Thanks Anonymous. God bless you too.