Monday, 15 August 2016


Nobody ask me who wrote this cos I don't know.  It was sent to my boss's whatsapp group, and we both had a good laugh about it. and I asked that she forward it to my phone.
Isn't it just too funny though? Women and our wahala. I don't agree of course, but can't you just feel the pain and frustration of whoever wrote this?

Or maybe not. Maybe the writer was just being could even be a man that wrote it sef. 
So I want to be cheeky too. Don't blame me. 
So here are my thoughts. The serious ones are in purple. 

1) Sis! What do you need his brain for. Just stare at his face when thoughts of his head bother you and
you are good.
Thinking of his physique and lips when he forgets that Obasanjo is no longer the president of And that Lagos is not the capital of Nigeria. And pray hard that your kids do not inherit his Brain oh. Looool.

2) Madam! How is his seriousness bothering you na?
You want man wey no go no understand the seriousness of the high rate of dollar? Ehn. 
Personally, The truly brilliant people I know aren't the serious type. Some of them are very playful and don't take themselves too seriously. The ones who take themselves too seriously are the studious  
Efico types , who aren't necessarily brilliant sef.

3) Madam you sef respect yourself. Do you know how hard he worked for that money?
Some guys are just plain crazy. They will disrespect you whether poor or not. 
 In fact ehn, I don't have the luck of poor guys, they are the ones that show me pepper. The one who  gave me Just one slap was a struggling dude. So much for starting and growing together. Forget that nonsense.  

4) Sister, you no want make him work again. How will he support and feed his family na?The situation in Nigeria dey critical oh. What exactly do you want?

5) Lol. If he's so great, then why won't his ex want him back. She sef want better thing. Na only you wan marry?
On a serious note, ex drama is one I will never engage myself into. Been there, done that, got scalded. NEVER going back. And mother in law drama. I cannot shout abeg. Neither can I fight.

6) Lol at humble and broke. Reminds me of this Nollywood films. The man go hammer and next thing humility don disappear.

7) Sis! What do you really want. Ojukokoro don dey enter am. Who romance epp? Lol. I am just kidding oh.

8)Lol at educated and thinks he is always right. How else you go know say he go school na? After all 
the Asuu strike and closing down of the Uni, and soaking of Gaari, he don endure.

9) How will he not get angry? When you keep correcting his tenses and spellings, and telling him to 
stop using chewing stick or picking his nose. The poor guy is frustrated nah. Hahahahaha.

10)He's not lying, he is just checking if you are as smart as he is. Loooooool. 

On a serious note, Finding a husband isn't hard, not that I have one, but I think finding good ones is what's hard. And learning to limit our expectations and be satisfied.

How are you guys? I have missed you.
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