Thursday, 27 November 2014

I can smell Christmas

Hi guys!
I have already started smelling Christmas oh. 
Isn't it odd that November is almost over, and soon Christmas will soon be here and before you know it, it's January One 2015. Can somebody say whoop!whoop!.
2014! What a year. What a year indeed.
The year that....... Oh wait! Its not over yet so don't let me start soliloquies on 2014.
That will have to wait.
So what have we all been up to? I notice Harper has been off the grid? Guy!

 Ehn ehn! Did anybody know that you can make pounded yam with food processor,hand mixers and even blender?
Do I hear a Nope? If so, lemme be the one to inform you (teeth shining in happiness and all) that you don't have to struggle with that mortar and pestle ever again.
For people like me wey no know how to pound yam even though I come from Ekiti, it's a no brainer.
I have to get that food processor as soon as possible.
My colleague (after yabbing me very well for not being traditional) told me he saw one at Mr Price for N61,000. Kilode. For that price it better cook the yam, pound it, cook the soup and serve it. Hehe.

So everything in my house is #countdown to my cousins wedding.
I am thinking of even going on Saturday sef cos the engagement and wedding is on saturday.
Going on Friday means being among family( Aunties,uncles,cousins,nieces and nephews) and their friends and answering silly questions on when you are doing your own or worse having to say "Amen" to their prayers of "tie naa a de" aka your own too will come. I don't know who asked them for prayers?
Going on Saturday means arriving at the party venue by which time nobody will even have my time.
The only snag to my plan is that darn 'environmental sanitation'. Who fixes a wedding on a day when you can't be on the road until 9am?

 My cousin and my colleague. That's who.
 And it's about 2 hours drive so Its either we leave like 5am that Saturday in order to beat the sanitation thingy ,leave after the sanitation ( in which case I better be prepared for lots of side eyes cos we are gonna miss the engagement) or go on Friday.

Another disadvantage to going on Friday is accommodation.
I have already made a reservation  (thankfully i didn't have to pay to reserve a  room) in the hotel where the reception is holding that my sister and I can sleep in, but I have visions of my cousins eyes shining in happiness when they realise I booked a room,meaning that when accommodation gets scarce ( and knowing my cheapskate aunt, it's sure to get scarce) they can all just say " Shebi it's  just two of you,we will manage now".

Anyone who knows Nigerian weddings knows that "managing" means ten of you sleeping in one room, some on the floor, and as many as possible on the bed under the guise of "Shebi it's just till morning".
I remember when two of my friends  got married in Lagos.
It was hot and unventilated.
You can imagine how hot Lagos can be and about ten people cramped in the room. I just jejely took my position on one third of the bed and didn't move an inch oh. I had no intention of sleeping on the floor cos of one friend who pretended to forget that she had more than ten friends and only one spare room in her house.

I plan to have fun sha. And to make sure no food trays pass me by.
Thanks for checking in. Muahhhhhh.


  1. Lollll...

    My dear, all those relations dat help u calculate age n marriage don't try dt shit around me o... #datshowtheymarrynonsense#

    U mean sha Funmi, one third bed only u?? In a room with 10pple? U coulda jst shifted small nah...

    My advice though: plan the day as it best suits u. U are not d bride and even if u discomfort urself to please any1, they sincerely wnt even care dt much...

    Jst make sure u have fun ok?

    1. No mind them jare. Unserious people.
      Haha! I tot I was nice oh. 3 of us on the bed?
      Thanks jare.i will. Will leave tmr jo.
      Sh*t. Lemme cancel dat reservation.

  2. Have fun my dear. I can't wait to read the wedding gist

  3. I know about the pounded yam ish but since I'm not a poundo fan and le boo said it's the hand pounded one he likes, it's a no-no.
    Seriously I'm getting cranky! No single xmas decor in Sokoto!

    1. Pele dear. I can imagine how Sokoto will be at christmas.
      Are you still traveling down for your friends wedding?

  4. LWKMD! @ ''ti e na ade'' you can say that again! Truth be told it is a statement of prayer but for one who is above 25, it begins to sound like it was said in a pitiful tone. Like say, you being don contemplate suicide at some point on top the matter. Worse is, if the bride to be is younger.
    That ten in a room ish? Hian! No deal. A few aunties called me and my cousin proud during another cousin's wedding for leaving the house to go and lodge in an hotel. I hope you had fun at the weddings? *awaiting full gist impatiently*

    1. No mind them jare. On cranky days when I don't answer them they are like " you won't say Amen". Na by force?lol.
      Proud! Imagine! I don't even like sleeping in other people's houses on a good day,not to talk of during an occasion where everywhere is jampacked and ten people want to use the bathroom at the same time.
      I had fun sha. Not major fun but it was fun.
      *gist loading*.

    2. Me too o. I don't like sleeping in other people's houses. It's such a struggle. Sometimes I wonder if that stems from my childhood days when my sibs and I were never allowed to have sleepovers. I value my comfort and privacy *shines teeth*

  5. And oh! Merry Christmas in advance!!!

    1. *Hugs* Lemme wish you Happy New Year in advance.

  6. Yes you can do it wih a food processor- seems you are going to have so much fun this Christmas. enjoy dear - happy new month!

    1. Thanks dearest.
      Have you eaten the one made with the processor before?How did it taste?
      Yep! Fun all the way.
      Same to you. Hope say e never late. *covers face*

  7. hehehehehehehehehe Truly yeah, its family over everything all time every time. I so love Family gaherings, you know when you get to see that your grand fathers uncles second wife's cousins daughters brother... I hope you do have a fun time oh, and when someone asks you what of your own, just tell them you are chilling and loving it for now. dasalll.. Cheers Bubba. xx

    1. Yep! Family rocks. As annoying as extended family can be at times, nothing beats when you are all together. It was fun hanging out with all of them, some I don't even like but when you don't see some people often you kinda forget why you don't like them.
      Thanks. I had fun.
      Abi oh. Will be sure to quote you verbatim.
      How you dey dear?

    2. Funmi, we your disciples want Christmas give away oooo.. You know, we are patiently waiting... **Shines teeth. i want iPhone 6 oooo and new geh friend.

    3. Lol! New girlfriend ko! New gehfriend ni. If you like,go and be scoping babes on your
      Lol @ disciples. Duuuuuuuuuru!

  8. Bia this is so not fair nah Madam, Christmas is in 2 days time, and you haf been smelling it since 27th November, diarisgodoooo.. we want new post Biko.. We beg you in the name of Access bank.

    1. Duru!why were you beefing my smelling Christmas.
      Wetin christmas do you?
      Pls which one is in the name of Access bank?I need to know abeg.hehe

    2. Lol, Funmi I'm a new subbie. I saw a reply NSG sent you on her blog so I decided to click on your name and viola! I'm very impressed. Keep it up.

  9. Hian, Bubba, Christmas has come and gone, and you are still smelling Christmas?! Nawa oooo.. :). Complements of the season Bubba. My best wishes to you and yours. Cheers

    1. Is it not good ni?
      Mind yourself oh.
      Same to you. Thanks