Monday, 24 November 2014

Passion and Careers

Hi guys,
Hope you all had a rocking weekend?
I have had this post on my mind for a long time but haven't quite found the time to write it.
It's about people who have made a career out of something they are passionate about.

 There's no way it's easy to spend all those years at the University, reading a particular course, and then jettison it to follow your passion.
Such decisions often seem crazy and I can imagine the raised highbrows and incredulity that must have followed such pronouncements.
" You want to waste your law/medical degree to become a fashion designer/singer/photographer"?
 I have always being a fan of people that damm the consequences and follow their passion.
Ok no spoilers.
Lemme get to it and talk about some people who have followed their dreams and made a career out of their passion.

 First, is going to be a friend, Seyi Tubosun aka Seyi Turbo who dropped his Law Certificate by the side and followed his passion in photography.

I remember the time I met this awesome guy for the first time . 
And I remember how my mouth opened and couldn't close when he told me he was a photographer. You mean 'Foto'? I asked myself.
Imagine my further surprise when he told me he was a lawyer.
It was very hard to wrap my mind around the fact that someone could go to school in Nigeria, spend like 6- 7 years reading law, and then say him ' no do' again.
But, when I saw his face, I saw passion, I saw love for the camera and the pictures he took.
He went on and on about the joys of photography and the art form. And by the time I finished looking through the pictures on his Ipad, ( it was a long road trip, so we had ample time) I had no doubts or questions again.
Now when I see his logo on pictures, I just smile, but inwardly I am jumping up and down screaming "I know him,i know him" He is my
  I am so local abi.
Check out his Instagram page on for more pics. I didnt want to post others cos i didn't have permission. 

I mentioned earlier that i have had this post in mind for a long time.
However watching Falz yesterday on an old episode of Tool's "The Juice" yesterday (he was the guest musician) motivated me to write it today.
 Yep! My newest crushee Falz. Lawyer turned Musician.

 His back story caught my attention.
He is a Lawyer turned Musician. He read law at the University of Reading. He is also the son of esteemed lawyer Femi Falana.
He is also cute and his music is not bad.

Here are excerpts from his interview with the Vanguard.

"My name is Folarin Falana but I am popularly known as Falz or Falz ‘The Bad Guy’. I am a musician, and an entertainer."
Q-"What is a Barrister doing, singing?"
A-"  A lot of people have asked me that and my reply is that when you are very passionate about something you must follow your heart. Music is my passion, that is why I am in music'.

Q-  "Given your father’s reputation, one would have  expected you to follow in his footsteps. Why tread another path?"

A-  "Initially, that was my intention. Looking at his life and how much he has achieved and the kind of name he has made for himself, I sincerely wanted to follow in his footsteps. I admired his monumental achievements,and his lifestyle. In fact that was why I went to study Law; to follow in his footsteps but along the line I just developed the love for music and music stole my heart and I decided to follow my heart."Note the magic words," follow my heart". You can read the full interview at

Thirdly, we have Omawumi Megbele.
Another lawyer turned award winning musician.
You people should not be jealousing us lawyers oh. hehe.  Although, on the flip side, there seem to be an awful lot of them changing careers.
She graduated from Ambrose Alli University with a Law degree. After graduating in 2005, she moved to Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where she worked with her family's law firm called "O.S Megbele & Associates".  She is yet to attend law school but she has indicated interest in going to law school at a later date. 
Read a full interview at

Fourthly, there's Ewemade Emokape, the owner of Shakara Couture.
Ewemade in one of her creations
A lawyer and fashion designer extraordinarie. 
She is also a blogger and her writing is so so amazing. She blogs at .
 On attainment of her Law degree from the University of Lagos, she sought to follow her passion and attended the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins to be professionally trained in millinery, dress-making, fashion illustration and personal styling. 
Check out her line at
Read her post on her journey aptly titled 'Bata mi a dun ko ko ka"

Some other people who have followed their passion include Funke Akindele (Lawyer turned award wining actress), Dr Sid ( Doctor turned singer) and Funke Bucknor Obruthe (Lawyer turned events planner).
 (Can you tell I am getting tired)

So my friends and peeps, That's it for passions and those who have made their passion their career.
It probably wasn't easy for them at the Beginning but they made it.
At least they have a success story. Not everyone who follows their dream always end with a success story oh.
But at least they are an  inspiration. 

So! Any resignation letters imminent? Lol.
Abeg no resign yet oh.
Just be inspired and think it through. Be sure you actually have the talent to support that dream.

FYI. My passion is Books. Books! Books and writing. So law isn't a bad profession. The analysis and legal maneuvering is right up my alley. The talking! Not so much.
My dream is to own a book store. Yep! A big, big store where I fill with lots of books and sell.
That isn't weird right?
When I was younger I wanted to be a journalist and write,write, write. However that Jamb brochure didn't gimme a university where I could study journalism and while I gave a brief thought to studying at the "Nigerian Institute of Journalism", I soon discarded it cos I knew my dad would think it was a waste of potential. Besides I wasn't sure if they awarded degrees or not.
I think that if I hadn't read law at the university,i would have still gone back to read it as a second degree.

Photo credits
Seyi Turbo Instagram


  1. Nice post!

    Swthrt, this passion thing dsnt work so well in Nigeria o. Else, hunger will kill u...

    It works mostly for those with absolutely no responsibilities waiting for them, so they can take yearrrrrsss n wait for it to grow!

    I understand y many lawyers are in this list. Dts cos our proffession dsnt pay much... we spend all those years in sch, plus d endless jackings n come out and some private firms will be offering 20k salary to a full grown adult... e get as e be!

    D only downside to following career not passion is dat ur job gets to frustrate u especially on ur not so happy day...

    Whatever rocks anybody's boat, make em carry go joor! Our economy is too harsh abeg n pple need to survive...

    1. You are right.
      Naija and it's economy is a red flag anytime anyday.
      Thats why I wrote about those that changed their careers mid-way and not those that chose their career from the onset. I think that they wanted to please others or didn't have faith in themselves thats why they went for the initial careers.
      Its that sudden change that fascinated me.
      Lol @ those agbaya lawyers that offer lawyers peanuts. Msheew. Then when you get one that pays well,they work you to the bone. My friend closes 10pm and works weekends. Banks in my town sef don't do that.

  2. Books? Interesting! Mine would be fashion designing, I got my job the same month I registered at my tailor's workshop to learn the basics. I registered again in my state of residence to be attending on Saturdays, since my job made me relocate but I have been a truant. #wakeupcall! #antybola #emiatiyininisatiday LOL. Nice post Funmi

    1. #emiatiyinnisatiday made me laff till tears almost came out. Antybola is in trouble.
      I wish I had a flair for design. I am content to pick out styles from a magazine and show the tailor jare.
      Yep books! My first love. If I travel,till now, 3/4 of my luggage is books and magazines. My mum and guys I date always know what to get me.

  3. Do what you love and love what you do and it won't feel like working at all. :)
    Have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving in advance!

    1. Thats the trick to make work not feel like work.
      If one can't have that,then at least do something that isn't half bad and tolerable.
      Not something you hate.
      Thanks dear. You too.

  4. I believe that there are 2 sides to every man, his career and his passion (his is used generally here oh, i no be chauvinist :) ). Many if not everyone makes it from their career, maybe not the big bucks, but at least survive day to day, but very few bubba actually make a living from their passion, like steve Jobs, Wozniack, Dbanj, Zuckerberg, and those listed above... i just believe that the major thing isnt about carreer or passion, but that we leave a mark when this blog is over, and when this life is over, cause on the long run bubba, wether passion or carrer, the goal is to make a diffence. Nice post B/S it was indeed an enlightening read. Funng thing though is that wrote on the exact same topic... strange yeah? Cheers.

    1. Yep! Strange but at the same time it's a subject that we all have to at least think about.
      Will go check out hers later.
      I agree that the important thing is to make a difference. But passion also helps in making a difference. Everybody who has made a difference has been passionate about something.

  5. I have been thinking of writing sth about this topic sef... I spent d most of my life trying to be a medical doctor even though I knew in my heart of hearts dat I was wasting my time

    1. Try and write it oh. Stop thinking. lol.
      Hmmm! Doctor Esther!
      Tis a serious matter.

  6. Follow your passion no matter what it costs. When you do what you are passionate about, everything becomes effortless . Like you I love reading oo - any book you would like to recommend ?

    1. Yep! I think it's easy to get burnt out in the cause of a career if you don't love what you do.
      Its good to get big pay checks, but if you don't love it then it becomes "work" and stressful.
      I think some people compromise by having a career, but also having a side project/passion/hobby/ dream which makes them cope/endure.

  7. Hunger and family background plays a major part in one's choice of career. I have a friend who abandoned his Economics degree for photography which is his passion. Two years after, he was still hustling. His uncle advised 'The only way to make money from this your photography thing is to sell your camera' *tears

    My case is worse. Career is not working for me. Passion is not working either.
    I hope I don't have to resort to crime.

    1. Hmmm! that's another angle.
      Some people who need a fast track out of poverty or whose village contributed to their university funding would naturally look for the job/ career with the fastest dividends.
      I doubt that such person remembers passion.
      Lol! That uncle bad oh. Household powers. Kilode. No support at all.
      I pray his dream isn't thwarted.
      Pele NSG. We your BV's have your back ehn. Just have faith.
      Crime ke!

  8. It's not easy going for passion, in this economy we have to survive but your passion might not wheel in cash, some people make it some don't bit I have the motto that passion and love always prevail. Nice one mami