Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Hi guys!
Feels great to be chatting to you guys once again.
I have missed and missed you guys (covers face).
Some people have accused me of smelling Christmas since November.
Hmm! Na una sabi oh.
I smelt and smelt it but I decided that i must stop smelling and come and wish you guys a happy new year.
Abi!i no try ni? Lol.

Cos meeting you guys made 2014 a different one from the rest.You made it fantamazing.(Yep!i just made that up).

So here's to all you guys.Who kept checking and checking if naughty me had posted anything. You don't realise how humbling it is to check my blog stats and see people still visiting and reading posts and dropping the odd comment or two.

 For all your comments, for all your love, for your time, for your opinions,for your visits, for making me feel that I wasn't writing nonsense,(and for reading it even if i was), for the referrals,for all your compliments,for the surprise visits,for the visits from other bloggers (the new,old and established),for the reviews,for the mentions,for the compliments,
I thank all of you.

I must confess to being lazy this last few months.

 Writing comes naturally to me to the glory of God but I just didn't feel much like writing.But this post isn't about that( and I am
sensing your forgiveness already so lemme not remind you about how lazy I have been.hehe).

What was I saying again?
Yep!Thanks guys.

Ehn ehn! Before I forget, for those who didn't let the whole anonymous "You like drama" drama sway them,i say thanks.
You know yourselves! Hehe.
For those who didn't even need to ask what actually happened,for those who asked,i say thanks.
For those who were at the heart of it, didn't take it to heart and still came by,Thanks.

(If you are lost don't worry your head jare.It was

365 days gone just like that.
I am so excited to see what 2015 brings.
I am so so ready!
And you know my prayer for all of us?
Its for 2016 (yep! I am already envisioning the year after next year) to meet us in good health and more importantly, alive.
Cos all other things run second to life.
So that this time next year,none of us would be missing from the list of BV's and blog lovers.
I also pray that all our expectations and dreams and hopes will come to pass in 2015 in Jesus name.

Don't forget Guys!


  1. I hope 'they' will bring you to Abuja soon oh.... Hmmm I can't even remember how we 'met' but I'm glad we did.
    You have become paddi mi. Thanks for being my person.

    1. Awww!
      Thanks dear.
      As for "they",only God knows what will happen this year.This one Madam Okonjo is predicting orishirishi.But wouldn't it be nice to actually meet in person.
      Hmm! I remember.i saw your ad on sdks blog,and came over.
      And the rest is
      Thanks for being such a great person.#PAtinz#hehe

  2. Happy new year darling.... I'm glad you're back and the laziness and writer's block is a thing of 2014
    Cheers to you kicking ass in 2015

    1. Hehe.
      Thanks dear.
      No be only ass oh,body,leg,hand, short 'efrything'.lol.

  3. Smh4u and vira *flips weave and strolls out*

    1. *singing*Jealousy!jealousy!
      Ehn ehn this one you are flipping weave, because you are in Lagos now you want to do shakara for us abi.
      Come back here now
      Come!what did you bring back from far far away oh.
      My portion must not pass me by.

    2. After going awol you want me to be happy ba?
      I've shared everything I brought jare

    3. This one has come to lag and she is flipping weave ba? Go back to sokoto and flip let me see.

  4. Welcome back hun. Happy New Year. May it be a year filled with pleasant surprises for us all.

    1. Amen and Amen.
      Thanks dear. Happy New year.

  5. Happy new year Funmi. Guess what? I am your new year's gift from God. Hehehehe. So is there anything I need to know before I start stalking you?

    1. Lol. Isn't God wonderful. hehe.
      That means the remaining gifts will soon arrive niyen.
      Hmmmmm! Activate stalk mode jare.

  6. gehn gehn.. Happy New year Bubba, wishing you an amazing 2015. 2014 was great together, you know we fought, quareled, but at the end, its nothing personal, but just blogging. Do Let's stay togera and aim to make 2015 berra, asking GOD for his help all time every time. From the bottom of my heart Bubba, i pray that in this year, you find series of reasons to smile, cause all in all, happiness is top priority. Cheers Bubba.

    1. Thanks dear for the prayers.
      Wish you same.
      So what did you bring back from the East? Abi you think your long comments will let me
      No way!

  7. Happy new year love. You hardly have time to blog but yet you still make out time to visit mine. How sweet...
    May all your heart desires come true this 2015. Amen

    1. Lol. Thanks.
      I have to come find out what latest thing you have gotten yourself into nah,
      Seriously!i pray that you have an amazing year and all your long expectations bear fruit this 2015.
      Won't it be great to swap our 'amazing year' stories?

  8. Happy New Year, Ms. Reese! U went totally MIA! I almost flew to IB (as if u have Int'l Airport sef) to look for u, since my torch light seemed not to be bright enough. Don't do that again, s'o gbo?! - Harper

    1. You!
      I am fighting with you seriously. That your "attack is the best defence" mode won't work here jare.
      Where on earth did you disappear to?
      Anyway sha,in the spirit of the New Year,i forgive you. Abeg send me a mail or something before u disappear next time.
      Ehn ehn! At least we have Airport. You refused to tell me your hometown else I would have yabbed u very well.
      It is well.
      Happy New year.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks Obiamaka.wish you same. How was your trip to Nigeria?