Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hello! Hi!

Or should that be Wait! What! New post.
Sup guys!
How dey go dey go?

Hope you have all been awesome. I have been so busy, I haven't really found the time to relax and write anything.  It has just been Court this, Court that.

In fact ehn the number of times I have gone to court this month is more than I did last year sef.
Tomorrow morning again! I dey go another one.

So what have y'all been up to this last two weeks? Abi is it three?
Two weeks ago I was out of town to chill out and for some solitude.
Theres something about being away from it all that enables one to get some perspective.
The first thing I did was to call Inspector Duru and ask his opinion on reaching out to someone on her birthday. I am sure he must have been amazed,like kilode! Early monday morning. And out of the blue like that when I had pointedly said No to him all this while.

By the way his birthday was on the 12th. He is all of 23 years old now.
Duru! Agba ti n de oh. Lol.

Since I couldn't write a post on that day, lemme use this opportunity to wish him Happy Birthday in arrears. I am sure he is like" kilode Funmi? How many times you wan wish me happy birthday".
Bubba! As many times as possible cos you deserve it.
For being such a "ghen ghen", humble, optimistic, accommodating and peace loving person.
I think we all need an inspector in our lives to soften the hardness and cynicism that life brings our

So what else have I been up to?

Hmmm! I decided to branch out of my yoruba cooking skills and step up my game.
Actually lemme not lie, it's not like I had an epiphany oh.
I ate 'Oha' soup during my trip. The last time I ate it was when I was in Abuja.
So when I got back, I just googled how to make it and got a recipe from Dooneys Kitchen which somehow made it all sound so easy. (Y'all should check out her website for more fabulous recipes and salivating pictures.
That was how I went on ingredients buying spree. Some of which I had never seen before in my entire life.
Luckily my boss assisted me to get it sha. She's not Yoruba and was excited to show me the ropes on how "her people "cook soup.
I also bought pepper soup ingredients so that I could make the ingredients myself as opposed to buying those ready made ones.
Those already ground ones always taste somehow to me.
My mum just gave me the side eye when she saw the ingredients. Like " I hope you are not marrying an ibo man you this girl".lol.
My sister was just happy that she was eating something different.
I made the oha soup ,and it was good although I used a little too much thickener, but the second time I made it,i aced it and made it in larger quantity and put the rest in the freezer.
I was just feeling like "national" cook.

My dad is so unadventurous when it comes to stuff like that. He prefers his efo riro and okra soup.
Shikena! No more no less.
I can't blame him sha. Most yoruba people I know like their regular yoruba soup.
Me! I am all for trying new things out.

I have also been in a baking/grilling mode. I just vex go buy electric oven cos the big gas one we have had for like 3 years now,  I haven't even been tempted to try it out.
I figured I could start with a smaller one. The downside is that it's electric only and when Nepa takes light , you are O-Y-O.

So basically, apart from work, that's what I have been up to.
Congrats to Esther and Eniwealth on their blog anniversaries (which happened sometime earlier).
To quote my dear Obiamaka," your inkwell shall never run dry in Jesus name".

My cousin's wedding is in 2 weeks. My colleague is also getting married that same day, in the same town. Thank goodness cos I don't know how I would have divided myself into two to attend both if they were in 2 different towns.
Ok! lemme not lie, I would have preferred to go to my colleagues wedding.
Smaller, yes! More intimate,less crowded,less expensive  and more fun.She didn't even chose aso ebi.
Don't you just love nice friends like that? Easy on the

My cousin's wedding is however "a must" (to quote some Nigerians).
Because I am about four years older than he is. If somebody doesn't go like that they will feel you have bad belle or you are jealous or something.
Coupled with the four different aso ebi chosen for the event, of which I have three out the four ( his mum chose 2 lace material aso ebi oh, only for the dad, a member of Jonathan's cabinet to send free lace and ankara after my mum had paid her sister for the ones she chose) smh.
All of which I haven't even sewn yet cos  I don't even know which one to sew out of all 3.
The good thing is the two weddings both chose the colour blue.
Ain't I lucky? And in the same town? I can just stylishly leave my cousins venue and go to my colleagues own.

Lemme stop here for now.
Its your turn to gist me what you have been up to.
The good and the bad, I wanna hear it oh.

Shout out to Airnee. Thanks for the email.


  1. I should try Oha o. My sister did & I loved it

    1. Toin dear!. You should try it oh. And it's easy. Besides the leaves are in season now.

  2. yaay! It's good to have you back. I like trying other tribes' soups too. I've tried oha too, but never cooked it myself. Thanks for the congratulatory message dear. Have fun at the weddings.

    1. Its easier to want to cook it if you have tried it and you really like it.
      Thanks. I will try.
      I know for sure one of them will be fun. The family own is so not going to be fun.

  3. Have fun at the wedding. Make sure your tray passes you by. Hehe

    1. Thanks dear.
      Lol. Those trays better come my way.
      However, I am optimistic cos the first one is office stuff. I think she's making separate arrangements for us office peeps.
      As per the second, I cannot carry last at my cousins wedding. Ees not possible ni.

  4. You this Funmi Reese ehnnnn... come and go and employ assistant to be doing your posts for you o

    1. Lol. When I buy a Range Rover sports like Linda I will employ assistants.

  5. Have missed this blog**

    Funmi ur appearance n disappearance plus m'own busy schedule has rly kept me away from here! Hop u gd?

    Wt i've been upto?? Work work work... had a hangover from lastnite's niteout n slept till 12pm tdy... did literally nothng all day! #myowntory#

    1. Missed you too jare.
      Yep I am good.
      Doing nothing all day is my idea of bliss. Can't wait to go on leave early next year.

    2. Missed you too jare.
      Yep I am good.
      Doing nothing all day is my idea of bliss. Can't wait to go on leave early next year.

  6. 1st time commenting....yaaay...drum roll please. Funmi you should throw a big party for me o...I'm waiting.
    I would love to learn how to cook all these igbo food....but I'm like your dad. Not adventurous at all... but I should try oha sha...maybe in 2015.

    1. Lol. Let's fire canon shots instead.
      Boom! Boom! Boom!
      I used to think ibo food was strange and difficult. But I am finding it isn't at all. Just eat some first at a restaurant then you can learn to cook the one you like.
      Lol! No mind that my dad. Even ewedu sef,he doesn't eat..just okra and vegetable.
      Try it jare. A trial will convince
      Thanks for coming by.

  7. Dearest Funmi, where have you been hiding? Biko don't do this to us oooooooo

    1. Don't worry dear, I am semi-out of hiding.