Sunday, 1 February 2015

Thank God It's February!

Happy New Month Dearies!

It's the 'Falentine' month oh. Don't lie and tell me you have forgotten it's this month.

So how has January been?
Isn't it incredible that 2015 has lost 31 days just like that?
How have you spent yours?
Mine has been great, enlightening and mostly meditative.

And very cold! And now hot.
That harmattan dealt with me seriously ehn!
My hands and feet were always cold.
I shut all the windows and doors when I want to sleep but I still don't know where the cold always came in from.
My colleagues always teased me that "This girl we can't even send you to America". lol.
I doubt I have ever experienced a colder harmattan.
At a point I was considering moving my clothes into the bathroom so I could be fully clothed before leaving the bathroom and I didn't have to come out and experience that cold draft you get after taking a hot bath.
However before I could perfect my plans, Sigh! Harmattan disappeared and heat started.
Now the heat is killing.
Another Sigh! But I prefer it to cold ojare.

I have had a bit of a free time cos Judicial workers have been on strike so no Court.
But alas! they have resumed.
Time to go dust that my wig and gown.
It better not need
Anyway last week I was able to get a few days off and was out of town to chill.

This is the 98th post on this blog.
With my previous pace this should have been attained since October last year but around that time I realized I had published about eighty something posts and I wondered how I wrote so many posts and what exactly had I been writing sef?
So I kinda got to a point where I decided to slow down and enjoy the journey.

Sooooooooooooo! The next post is going to be that wedding gist I am yet to post just because I promised to gist you guys. That should come up this week.

For the 100th post you guys all get to participate.
I figure if get to chose 99 topics then you get to ask me any question or state something you want me to write about.
Anything you have ever wondered or wanted  to  know?
This is your chance.
You could also do this via email (If you ask any risqué question better do it via email or add your email to your comment oh. lol)

Happy New month Guys!
And happy valentine in advance.
My love for you guys is everyday.

Post a comment below!
Share your thoughts with us. Yep! All of us.


  1. happy new month to y'all... dis is my first comment... but definitely not the first time visiting dis blog.... I think I got to know about it from SDK.... then I visited and saved for later consumption....

    some months back I was just going through some of my saved pages... and I found dis very interesting blog... I was Hmmm not I read though almost all the most.. Cos it was enlightening... fun... and very funny... I so love ur humor and sense of reasoning Or should I say How u lay ur point... also the good communication u created between ur blog visitor and ursef...

    but there was a downer.... when I stated getting hook.... thats when u drop the pace on ur posting... it broke my heart ....

    pls pick the pace back up... I know u Re very busy... at least twice a week wouldn't hurt... *wink*

    happy new month to u dear.... *kisses*

    1. Thank you Alexis and happy new month
      Your comment is very sweet. Thanks for the compliments.
      I will certainly try to pick up the pace but this days it's just easier to go with the flow.

    2. You spoke my mind too. Funmi writes like she's gisting with me....I love how down to earth her posts are. God bless you Funmi

  2. Happy new month sweetheart - awww bless you. January has been a good month my dear except the miserable British weather. Please keep warm nne. Im impatiently looking forward to the wedding gist hmmmmmmmm

    1. Happy New Month dear Obi.
      Pele! British weather is almost always miserable. Don't worry just be thinking of Fiancé,the more you do so,the more the weather won't even matter.hehehe.
      My dear! Warm ke! The heat is now something else.
      Sure! Will post it soon.

  3. HaPpy new month dear. All the best

  4. Any question? As in ANY question we want? R u sure? Hehehe.... - Harper

    1. Yep! I am sure. Nothing coming from up that ground will not take. lol.

  5. Replies
    1. Happy New Month.
      Lol! You make me sound like a character on Downtown Abbey.

  6. Ghen ghen! Our Bubba toh Sure!!! Turn down for what?! Withe Funmi we Turn up all time everytime.. Mehn Bubba the cold was on a totally different level in early January oh, and now this babanla heat e haf come with his own.. At night when there is no power ehn (Cause this awon oloshi are playing APC and PDP politics with light), my body used to turn to superglue, as it will be gumming like hausa gum... It is well oH! Mehn a 100 posts?! Thats some huge attainment oh! More Ororo to your Elbow, and ideas to your brain! Wishing you the very best Bubba as you cross that milestone, inshort Awanna be like thee when I grow up! **shines teeth.. In other news, berra get ready to go back to CoooouuurrtttT!!!! Cause from what I hear yeah, the strike is off.. **Tongue Out.. Buahahahaha.. Cheers Bubba, and do have a ghen ghen weekend, we shall be waiting for the Wedding gist eh! xx Ooossshhey!

    1. Thanks Duru.
      More ororo to your elbow too.
      I can imagine how hot Lagos is cos Ib sef is hot and those Phcn people aren't respecting themselves at all.
      Bet my body has not started gumming like ya own