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Now! This isn't about me cos I don't have a step mum or step siblings (to my knowledge sha) hehe.My dad must not read that last part.
My cousin has a horrible one. And i just feel sorry for him and his mum for having to contend with this particular one.
It's true  that it can't be easy to bring up kids that aren't yours or to even live with them. Some step kids can also be very difficult. And I appreciate that fact.

However when you marry a man or woman you know quite well  was married before he/she  met you and has kids,or wasn't married and has kids and you act as if those kids were sent to make life difficult for you , isn't that just wickedness?

I know for a fact that stepmum/dads aren't all horrible or wicked.
My friend who died had a wonderful step mum. Very loving and kind. We all used to gist with her and we were close to her.

But this my cousin's step mum ehn!
She hates all her step kids. And they are all grown up,married or about to be, have kids etc.
Its not like they ever lived with her or anything. When she married the dad it was just her and her own kids that lived in their house.
My cousin and his sister lived with their mum.
The only ones this 'Iyawo/Step mum' tolerates are the female ones who pally with her, call her and basically do eye service cos those ones are wise enough to know that they can't get jack from their dad if she doesn't give him the go ahead.
There are times I think he has eaten some "Efo riro".Lol!
Some years ago, he called all his kids (minus step wifeys own cos her kids are still very young) and told them that if he dies,they shouldn't expect to inherit anything. And everything  was for madam Step mum and her kids.Imagine!

And that isn't even what is paining me oh.
It's that ever since the dad got a political appointment, she has become even more insufferable.
My cousin is getting married later this year and madam wifey has said she will be the one to buy all the clothes from Italy.
That is the wife's wedding gown, the grooms suits,the parents clothes (including her own cos they must wear the same thing) and the wife's parents clothes. She is also going to be in charge of catering,hall,decoration,cake,drinks etc.
Pic Source
She also said the engagement and wedding must be the same day, and it must be the same cloth that the parents must wear for both.
Can you imagine?
Bull *hit that she can't take.

My Mum's sister is of course very pissed but the kids are like "Make peace,don't cause any wahala oh ,after all you don't have the kind of money dad has".lol.
My mum was very pissed and said If she was the one she would have insisted on a a small wedding and left out the dad's money entirely.
 I trust my mum, the wedding would rather not hold than for one 'iyawo" to take over her job and take her glory. Never going to happen.

This same step mum didn't allow my cousin get a good job.
His dad's P.A got an awesome job for him in Lagos and when he informed his boss he said the dad said "Wifey must not hear and that the P.A should look for a smaller job which is basically what my Cousin is doing now.

I don't even feel like attending the wedding again. Coupled with the nonsense expensive aso ebi that they are sure to sell. It would also be irritating to see Step Mum and her friends running the show.

What do you guys think?
Is it so hard to love kids that aren't yours?
I don't think it should be hard if you claim to love their parent.
Should my aunt make peace and let it be cos of the kids. She is very sad and bitter about the whole thing?


  1. Am i the first to comment? Was here yesterday and the day before yesterday but the network made it impossible for me to comment, imagine! Hmmmmm hope this one goes tru sha...hehehehe,back to topic. I think she should tolerate them ooo

    making the world a better place

    1. Hehe Oga Vic abi shld I call you Bro Vic. Na you carry first today oh.
      Network can be funny sometimes. Its all good.

  2. WTF..... Am so angry right now......shai the step mum chop's because she never jam family way pass her......Am sure she has given that man efo riro to eat.......Thank God it's not my family she for smell pepper..... yeye dey smell....nonsense...... let me just stop typing now coz Am so angry....... mtchewwww...MOMENT WITH ZOE

    1. Abi oh Zoe. Yeye dey smell nonsense. Thats the sum up of the whole thing. Its that kind of wedding somebody will go and will not eat cos iyawo go dey control the caterers. Imagine! Na to cook our own food. if not.

  3. They should have pursued that woman with prayer long time ago o... n if I were your cuz, I'd v a lowkey wedding with my own money just to make sure iyawo is not involved... I have a stepmom and even though we have our differences, she's nice to a fault, but I think there's something about we humans that make it difficult to love others like our own

    1. You too see am?
      Just that the cuz sef has barely worked for 2 months so he doesn't have money.
      Secondly, I feel a part of my cuz sef wants the whole razzmatazz. Cos it will be a big,showy affair. Ministers, Governors,senators etc.

  4. Your cousins are good oh. I was in ss3 when my step mom moved in(parents divorced) wo, I single handedly showed her nwey. My brothers didn't even have to do anything. She came in with one kind attitude and I had to stand up for my own. Before I hear stories that touch. Got to a stage where she consults me even before asking my dad for anything. Kai, your cousins dulled oh. Efo riro or not.
    I would have suggested low key wedding and forget them but since he wants show, he should deal with step mom.

    1. Vira! I trust you
      My aunt stayed with us one period my parents were out of the country. Let's just say we've never liked each other since then.
      Thank God you are close to her now.

  5. He should have a small wedding that he can afford and control himself, it must not be big as long as they are happy
    They should beat the devil in and out of her. The kind beating that will make her calm down

    1. I don't think the small wedding is an option now when iyawo already has the contract to buy everything.
      Beat ke! Iyawo!
      The dad will probably disown whoever did that.

  6. Lmao sogie, I didn't know you were this violent.

  7. Y is ur male cousin tryna get married without proper financial backing of his own?

    He is quite greedy for longing for a big wedding he can't afford, so he should deal with the consequences (step mum brouhahaha) of his greed.

    As for d step mum who feels she's in control or has probably given d man *efo ririo*, she should be certain dt nothing in life is permanent. Her kids re still young abi? She shouldn't worry, another person will serve them same treatment when her own *efo riro* wears off... mstchewww

    1. He's been dating his fiancée for years now and him not getting a job was what had been delaying the marriage.i guess now that he's gotten one......
      I guess since it's his father's money he doesn't see it as greed.
      That's it jare. Life isn't permanent. When you rain on someone else's parade then karma is a b**tch.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Chai that's too bad...i know those kind of women. Who knows maybe she really did som efo riro tins. Hehehehe. Na wa o!

      If your cousin decides to do a wedding he alone can afford that woman may be on the frontline trying to cause havoc.

      I don't undertand why women can't just love their step kids since they had accepted to marry a man with kids hence they should be ready to take them as theirs too.
      Sorry love i have to delete the first comment cos too many errors. I had a bad network didn't knw when it got published without editing agan. Hows you mami

  9. Yes Dayo!
    Even if he did a small wedding, she will still make sure it's all about her.That's just what she does. The big wedding just allowed her do it on a larger scale.
    I guess as someone said earlier some people just can't love what isn't theirs.

  10. Sigh...step' drama indeed! If I was your cousin I'd rather have a small wedding with JOY!

    1. Waoh! Sisi Yemmie in the house.
      Unfortunately I think it's too late now. Arrangements are already in top gear. And the dad is in power now,they won't want to waste the opportunity.

  11. It is for such people that we wish we could buy rat poison and sprinkle into their soup. Come on! How can 1 woman be so Plus who tha hell does she think she is??? Trying to Boss everything and everyone around?? Come on nah, e no make sense. Well If i had such a step Mum and such passive by nature kinda Dad ehnn I for don become Man by now. As in Move out, and Stay out! I mean come on.. I don't believe in Juju yeah, but this right here shows that the Woman is a Brand Ambassador for the Juju association of Nigeria :( smh... I Propose you guys get spiritual oh on that matter, cause it looks too strange to be true oh Jari. **Wears styraight face.

    1. lol @ rat poison. bros, you better believe in juju, it is as real as the air you breathe :)) this is africa oo. btw, funmi, pls tell your cousin to ignore the step-mum jare. so long as he and his babe have their happy day, that's all that matters. Ada1

    2. lmao... Toh.. Funmi i haf hia oh! :)

    3. Lol Duru!
      Who does she think she is? Wife of someone in Jonathan's cabinet nooni.
      Although to be fair,shes being insufferable even before he got the appointment.
      I guess my aunt must have tried all she could spiritually and no headway yet.
      Me!e no concern me reach that level. Small or big wedding! We go still chop rice.patapata we go carry our own cooler go the party.
      You are right, even me sef go don move out if I get dat kain step mum and mumu dad.
      But they never lived with her at all.They stayed with their own mum,my aunt.

  12. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com24 September 2014 at 17:36

    Hello here... First time in this area.
    I'd rather have a small wedding too. Nawa for her, she will definitely have a taste of her own medicine someday too. Feels somehow for a guy to be the one that is wanting a big wedding though, na woman dey like feferity.
    Nice blog you have here.

    1. Awwww. Eni! Welcome.Thanks. Yep it's my blog but it's our forum. The blog visitors and their crazy comments are what keeps it going.
      Yep! I would rather have a small wedding too. I hope she gets a taste jare.
      He is now an Abuja boy so he too knows whassup.hehe.
      Thanks for coming by ok.