Friday, 19 September 2014


Boy! Am I tired?
We have an office party later today  and we had to go get gifts for our intern who is 18 years old.

You know how hard shopping can be when you are shopping for yourself, then imagine five of you delegated to shop for an 18 year old girl at an expensive mall, with no idea of what to buy and also on a budget.
We did so much wakabout ehn. I didn't get home until late yesterday.
One of us sees a cute thing, two people like it, another guy is like No! This isn't cute.
I dunno why we even brought the two guys along.
You see Transparent tops and they are like "You want her mum to think we want to spoil her daughter?" never mind that all her tops seem to be made of chiffon.
You see an appliance and the guys are like "NO! she isn't an old woman oh".
You see Watches and they are like "NO! It has to be expensive and we can't buy just one thing".
You see perfumes and they say "NO!"

You get the picture? We didn't leave there until 7pm.And at that point i didn't care what we bought again or whether she already had it or whether it sized her or what her mother thought?

The only good thing about all of it is that there is a

What have you been up to all week?
What are your weekend plans?

Tibsy sweetie! Get better dear. I miss you a lot. The lord is your strength ok.

Vira! Whatever happened to the karaoke plans? I wanna hear what happens oh.
Esther! I have sent u a mail.
 Harper! Mr Race Car driver! What season are you now on GOT? R u still planning to resume this weekend? Season 3 is where the s**t gets real.
I still have a few episodes left of Tyrant.

Amaka! Wish you Safe Trip dear.
Zoe! Have a wonderful weekend.
 Godwin! Professor! Always on point (but since you joined Harper it's now sometimes on point hehe).
I kid. When are you guest posting?same goes for Harper? Or you guys think I have forgotten? No way!

Obiamaka! Have a great weekend. I am sending a shout out to your sister whom you have all those discussions with.
Temidayo!I am gonna be by your blog all thru tomorrow. Do you know I was there yesterday and got distracted with the writer's love story and from there went to read more on Bella Naija and then got further distracted.

Duru! How many weeks anniversary are we now? When it gets to a month we must celebrate oh.
Tee! No melancholy for you this weekend oh. Have a great one.
Tosyne! How were your exams? Are you thru now?

All Blog Visitors i forgot to mention and All ye ghost readers! I salute una. You are equally as important. Have a great weekend. Don't be a stranger ok.Feel free to comment.

 Thanks for dropping your well wishes for Tibsy. Let's all keep her in all our prayers ok.

 Wish you all an amazing weekend.
I plan to catch up on my blog surfing this weekend, and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

P.S. I  didn't know i could type all these as tired as i was when I started writing.
Its almost as long as a post sef. But its all good.
Lets hear from you guys.


  1. First off... I am first to comment bebe... You need to feel the surge of blood pumping through my veins as i type this :). **Whispers this is my second 1st to comment today... I am on a roll today bebe :) I am really worried about Ernie oh, i mean since she went AWOL, i have kinda had that ""Nepa has taken the light feeliing"" I pray she gets well soon. Nne me and Jilda are on Week 3 oh, and i am sure Airtel Nigeria must be amazed on the Bornagainishnes of my Account balance. They will soon call me to ask why and when i became Airtel Born Again.. The credit that goes down now ehnn... ...pheewww.. **Wipes sweat from face.. Its enough to help me get an iphone 6 :) heheheh We get to a month in a bit, so i will draw up a list of the things we need for the party, and inbox them to you.. You know you are on my own Forbes list nah.... **Whispers I have been inspiring a lot of fights to test the babe, and she just keeps impressing me :).. eheeennnn Amebotime.. How far with Oga Abuja??? ssoooo.... Thats how you just changed station like that? diarisgodooo... I would like to meet the intern oh, is she fine? Does she come on your Blog?? Give a brova deetz nah.. Oh Shit Never Mind, i am supposed to be hitched **Covers face.

    P.S: Please do have fun at the parry of today, and abeg snap plenty picshur, then by mistake connect your USB to your lappie and phione, and by mistake Upload a picture of your Ghen ghen self on this wonderful blog... **Winks So we can commit the sin of lookery. :) Cheers Bubba, oya lemme go and do other first to comment. @ Oga Boss Harper, and all the awesome Funmi Reese Blog fam, I am Loyal oh, You guys Rock oh Jari... Cheers Fam.

    1. Keep being on a roll jare. First to comment no easy.
      Airtel sef go don already know say levels don change. They suppose give you discount bros.
      I am as worried about Tibs as you are. But Amaka says she is getting better.
      Oga Abuja is fine jare. Phone tins but e no reach u and Jilda's level.
      The intern has a pretty face and big boobs.hehe.But you are hitched na so no show for you.
      I am going to keep my phone far from my no upload by mistake.
      Have a great weekend Duru. So great to hear how your relationship is going.Soon you will be giving relationship advice.Sooooon.

  2. On d true talk post,

    @ Amaka "ur duty to make him keep chasing u" is not complicated! U need to relax out n let a man b a man (Dats wt I meant).

    When we women love, we bcme tooooooo available!!! And men whose nature always wnts to conquer, bunks on it n starts hurting u (afterall, if I say sorry; she'll agree).

    Once in a while, give him dt missed call! Dissappoint him on dt date, deny him dt sex, place a frnd b4 him etc. He'll b mad @ u, but if he truly loves u; he'll keep chasing u. It dsnt matter how long u've been together!!!

    Once thr's nothing exciting to push his adrenaline, he'll move over! (it's bad of them making one do dt, I know! But dts d nature of a man. Following laid down rules n nagging wnt help with anything.

    Ask urself, y do men love video games???

  3. Why on earth are u all shopping it together?

    U guys should ve had meeting n combined ideas, then two pple would hv just gone for d shopping!

    Dis intern must b so precious to put u all thru dt...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Precious ke! Maybe to the guys. Hehe. But it was a mandate from the boss. "Go get her stuff" and no one person wanted to be the scape goat if they went alone or in twos and bought something nobody liked hence the number.
      Five of us however just made things tedious as we all had to agree on what to buy and seeing as we had a general idea and no specific idea, it took a while.

  4. Wow this intern must be one special intern or you guys are just so nice! i pray i av nice colleagues too oh.

    yesss...shedding my melancholy skin dis weekend.. av a birthday parry too and im planning to av fun! tnx ma'am.. enjoy your parry too.

    1. Lol. Na office things jare. She is nice but more of a "guys" person.
      Amen to your prayer.
      Have fun dear.Thanks

  5. Thanks ma' have a wonderful weekend and please take enough rest......and this intern must be special o......going to get things with some guys ehn can be tiring.....some wahala self pass women own.......tibs get well soon....we miss you

    1. Especially guys that love women like those two do. They had something to say on everything.
      I miss Tibs too.
      Have a great wkend and thanks! Will ensure that I rest.

  6. Ms. Reese! Sounds like a party type of weekend for u...which is great....until Monday comes and u realise u didn't get any rest all weekend long! I know that feeling well! :)

    GOT is absolutely crazy! Finished Season 3. The writers for that show r fearless! They r not afraid to kill off any character! Never seen anything like it! The shit is real, now! Season 4 this weekend.

    That guest post has been at the back of my mind o! When the inspiration hits, u'll certainly hear from me.

    DoroDuru, I hail u! Godwin, u too! Tibsy baby, get well and get back in ur armored tank asap!

    Enjoy ur weekend, all!


    1. Yeah!party weekend. But I will ensure I rest. This week was gruelling.
      Of cos you know that feeling. Shebi Its you.
      GOT rocks.
      Didn't I tell you?
      The Red wedding was epic. I was numb for like a few minutes after watching that episode.
      Season four is also pretty badass but season 3 was epic.
      Do you know I sort of envy u watching it in one swoop. I had to endure waiting every year till another season started.
      Anyway you will soon join me in waiting when u finish season 4.
      Ok oh! inspiration should hit soon oh. But lover boy like you,which inspiration are you waiting for again? hehe.
      Enjoy your weekend ok.

  7. I dropped a rpy here 4 @Amaka (d true talk post) whr did it dissappear to Funmi Reese?

    1. I too was wondering cos I saw it.It was before your comment on the party then I felt maybe u deleted it or I saw it somewhere else.
      Anyway I can trace it in my email cos all comments are also sent there but I can't repost it as you.
      If you want me to send it to you so u can repost it you can give me your email.

    2. Scratch that.
      I have seen it. It was in spam.

  8. We all love parties, but the wahala that comes with shopping for a gift (s) is too much jare - I could be very indecisive. Awwww thanks sweetheart, and have an awesome weekend.

    Btw, you did not invite me to the party :(

  9. I hate shopping ordinarily not to talk of shopping for someone.
    If I see three things I like, I usually end up buying all three. Thats how indecisive I can be.
    Hehe. T'was an oversight.
    I officially invite you 'Obiamaka' to the party.
    Now! You have to come.

  10. Hehehehe Funmi funny you, you and Tib's dey call me prof ba? Well I love it cause I'm believing one day I will become a prof in my own University I'm planning to building in naija.... Heheheh what a big dream ooo. For my weekend I feel like moving out of naija to somewhere else around the world to think and do something new and also meet new people hehehe. I miss Tib's #sad face. All the same Funmi have fun and enjoy your weekend. Harper my Guy I see you bruv

    1. Hehe.Tibs calls u Prof and I saw why she does.
      Your dreams are valid jare . Dreaming big na the koko.
      So what's stopping prof from jetting out of naija this weekend? Hehe.
      Have a great weekend.

  11. Abeg you people should give her the money if you can't decide on a gift for her... Everybody misses Tibs

    1. We eventually got her a variety of things. She will sha like something out of everything.

  12. Hiya sisi MI, malaria has been showing me pepper ehn? Now it seems I will have to go for a typhoid test cz a week after treatment, I do not feel better. It's been mad. I was not at work since Wednesday.

    1. Thats really bad. Which kain malaria be that?It shoud warn itself oh.i guessed somtin was off but I couldn't put my finger on it.
      Pls go for the test. Do they open on Sundays? Cos the earlier the better and you can start treatment.
      Pele. Work can wait jare. Shebi it's person that is well that will work.

  13. Oh, ok! @funmireese. Some other time dear!