Saturday, 15 September 2018

Hiya my lovelies

My people! My people!
This would be a good time to continue in pidgin aka how una dey? I don miss you like bread misses butter abi na akara lol.
I have missed you guys and you better believe it. You know what they say about first loves, you guys are my first loves. My first community, my first darlings lol. Don't ask me why I'm being mushy. Me self can't explain.
One thing I will tell, you though is I come here once in a while just to read old posts and comments and I smile like crazy. I get the urge to write immediately but what I want to write is so plenty that I just run away lol.

Today though, I felt like dropping a line. And I do feel like writing something. I'm feeling my writing mojo come back. It's disappeared for a long time on all my writing channels. I had stuff I wanted to write, I could write but I didn't feel like writing anything. There was so much going on in my head that I needed time out to just chill out, process stuff and get back to feeling like myself.

So what have you guys been up to? What's up with our finance minister's resignation? I feel bad for her sha. Abi I'm too soft hearted. She could never have known where destiny was taking her to, so she felt she could cut corners. Imagine her consternation and embarrassment, something a year service could have saved her. Lesson for us all. Live life like you are destined for greatness. Imagine that scammer or drug pusher now, not knowing he is fated to be president or senate president or finance minister who gets there and his sordid past comes to hunt him or her.
God help us all.

Is anyone here?
Oya come and gist me.
Holla and let's see what we can talk about in the coming posts or, post lol. Lemme not get ahead of myself.

NSG, I saw your last comment checking on me. Thanks, I appreciate.
Harper! Where art thou? Your birthday is next month oh.
Dunno if Berry still comes around but congratulations on your baby. She's a big girl now.
Amaka my sweetheart sorry I have been out of touch.
Vira my padi. Hugs and kisses.

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  1. Hiya!!!!!!
    my Padi, we have been suffering the same thing oh> I actually have posts already written, na to upload am be the wahala! i need prayers pls.
    so good to hear from you dearie.
    infact, ill reach out soon. I have a plan.

  2. Hey Oremi!
    where arth thou?